How to make your website SEO friendly?

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Search engine optimization is the way of improving website indexing on google search results. In the process of making a website SEO friendly, we try to use keywords effectively to communicate with the search engine. This work is mostly performed by Search engine optimizers, what they basically do is that they try to increase the quality and quantity of traffic to your website through an organic search engine results.

Why do we need SEO friendly website?

SEO friendly website helps us in increasing number of visitors on our website as the website will be ranking higher on search engine results pages (SERPS). Also by applying the rules of SEO to our website, we’ll make our website easy to use, which will also enhance the user experience. And, not to forget that we all trust the website that we have found on the first page of the search engine.

How do we make our website SEO friendly?

Through the content

We should never forget that content is the main key in every website if the user is getting a piece of valuable information or help form the content of your website then there is no way that your website is going to rank lower for a long time. Hence, the good and original content is the main key to rank higher on search engine result.

Plagiarism test

Fulfilling the demand for original content is very difficult when there are lots of writers in the market witing about the same thing. But, always try not to copy and paste someone else’s content, as it may down punch your SEO very badly and not to forget that it is illegal as well. Always try to take a plagiarism test to check the originality of your content before publishing it.

By using keywords

Before you start writing your content, it is very important that you research all the important keywords related to that niche. Use only those keywords which are related to the topic that you are writing about, don’t try to stuff your website with random keywords, it will only harm your SEO ranking.

Use focus keyword in your title and description

The “Focus keyword” is the keyword that you want your page or your post to rank for the most. While choosing your focus keyword, make sure to choose the one that has a higher search volume. There are lots of tools out there where you can research for the most searched key phrase in your niche.

Focus Keyword

Select your niche

This mostly happens with blog writers, they try to target all type of audience, which is very wrong. Before you start your website or blog, think about the field or the area that you are going to write about. Also, try to filter out your targeted customers on the basis of their locality and age group. This filter can help you to create meaningful content accordingly and it will help you to create your own niche with less competition.

HTML rules for good SEO

Header tag

We should never use more than one H1 tag on a page. Each page of a website should only contain one h1 tag. As it will make easy for Google bots to recognize the main subject of the page and it will be easy for the search engine to rank the website accordingly.

The H1 tag looks something like this,

<H1>Main Heading</H1>

There are some other headings tag too like <H2>, <H3> till <H6>. Which you can use more than one time.

Title tag

The title tag is the tag that we use inside the head tag. Just like H1 tag, the title tag should also be used only once on every page and it also should be different than one another. As this title will appear on the google search result, make sure to use your main keyword in it and make it more attention-grabbing.

<Title> This is the title <Title>
Title of the website

Length of the title should be 50–60 characters only.

Meta description

A meta description is the element of HTML which is used to describe the content of your web page with the limited length. This description is visible with the title on the search engine result. Don’t forget to use your focus keyword in the description.

<Title> This is the title <Title>
<Meta name=”description” content=”Description of webpage.”/></Head>
Meta Description of the website

The meta description should only contain 155 characters.

Internal link

It is very important to build an SEO — friendly site architecture with internal links and it also helps in spreading link equity. Internal links allow google crawlers to crawl every page, which helps in increasing the ranking potential for each page.

The optimal structure for a website would look similar to a pyramid (where the big dot on the top is the homepage). This structure has the minimum amount of links possible between the homepage and any given page. This is helpful because it allows link equity (ranking power) to flow throughout the entire site.

External link

When you link your website with some other website, then it is known as an external linking. Similarly, if another website links to you, this is also considered an external link. Some of the search engine optimizers actually believe that external linking is the most important source of ranking power.

The Google algorithm counts hyperlinks as votes for popularity, therefore pages that have most links pointing towards them are considered the most popular and relevant website.

Alternative text or Alt text

The image tag contains the option of an alternative text, this alternative text helps google bots to understand the image in a better way. Just make sure to write the alt text in more of a describing way rather than stuffing it with keywords.


<img src="cutedog.png" alt="cute dog, dog is cute, cute dog pic">


<img src="cutedog.png" alt="A white dog looking very cute">

Page naming and URL

Each page of your website should have a unique name and URL so that displaying your page on search result becomes easier. A good and easy URL will make users click on your link even faster as users tend to click the links that that can easily understand.



The best URLs are those, which can easily be read by humans.

Mobile friendly

Make sure that your website is responsive and can run on any device easily. As most of us now use our cell phones to browse through the internet, it has become very important for websites to be mobile-friendly. Google search engine also gives preference to the websites that can run on any device, especially mobile phones.

Loading speed

The average loading speed of your website should be 3 sec as no user have the patience to wait for 6 to 10 sec for your website to load completely. The slow loading speed can increase the bounce rate of your website, which directly affects your search engine ranking.

Check page speed

Page size

In the process of reducing the loading speed of your website, the page size matters a lot. Page size is the combined SEO term for all the resources that you have used to create a webpage (HTML pages, JS resources, CSS resources, images and some other resources). By optimizing all of the images, videos and gifs you can easily improve the speed of your website. Also, by avoiding the unnecessary use of custom fonts and by reducing the redundancy of codes, you can reduce the page size.

Page size checker


To increase organic traffic requires optimizing all of the factors that search engines consider important — On-page SEO and Off-page SEO. These days everyone is more focused on improving there off-page SEO by link building and with some other technical elements but, the fact is off-page SEO won’t work as expected if the on-page SEO is not good enough.

As we all know,

The best place to hide a dead body is page 2 of Google.

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Driven by the zeal to bring in a change in the digital world, Catalyst Technology Solutions will evolve your brand globally.

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